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i'm not writing here anymore. got a new journal. no friends.

friends cut.

also doing a friends cut. a big one.

so, if you don't see my next entry - snip snip.

friends only.

i'll leave all my old posts available for you to ogle, but for now i'm friends only.

comment to be added. <3 <3 <3
i just wanted to say hi real quick.

i've been so busy lately. i have no life. trying to get multiple businesses off the ground and working full time and doing real estate closings on the side! fuck.

i got rear ended on thursday by a fucking mexican. car goes in today and i get a rental <3 whoop whoop!

anyways. must run! xoxo
sorry for not writing lately.

i guess i've lost interest and nothing exciting is happening.

kyle and i are doing great and so is work. everything, peachy. i was promoted. woohoo. but haven't heard much about it. but.. yah.

so, this will probably be my last entry unless i get married or something, which i do see in my future. like.. the next year or so.

and that's it. peace out bitches. xoxo.
work yesterday was pretty decent. i don't have an office yet though... and i really didn't have much to do at all. i was kind of bored.

they offered me $2,500 more than i was making at my lost job plus benefits, paid time off/vacation and all that stuff, and a $5,000 bonus at the end of each project (they are roughly 6 months long each).

the actual apartment complex (which is being converted to condos to sell) is pretty nice. each unit has 3 stories - bottom is the garage (3bds have a room down there, too), second floor is living/dining/kitchen, 3rd floor is the bedrooms/bathrooms. the model is gorgeous. kitchens are white on white w/ dark gray counters. they should sell pretty quickly.

the girls i work w/ are decent, too. an older lady who is sort of loud... but the 2 younger girls are nice. one is 24 and engaged. she just moved here from texas. the other one i'm not sure how old she is but she has a boyfriend and also moved from texas.

kyle and i worked everything out... it was just stupid anyways. he's a whino.

i'm gonna go look at the office max web site for a little while because i need to buy some stuff for this job... and then i'm going to figure out what groceries i want to buy this week. hope everyone has a nice day.
sorry for... being drunk.

i start a new job today. excited... woo.. and sarcastic as fuck.

kyle didn't come home on friday night. stayed at buster's. he came saturday and we talked all day and everythign was perfect. then i fucked it up on sunday. round and round and round we go. where it stops. i don't fucking know.

i hate this.
i'm downloading en vogue. lord help me.

whatta man.. whatta man.. whatta mighty good man.
oh.my.god.never updated this much in my life. i made another dirnk.

im trying to download en vogue. im fucking bored.

Jan. 22nd, 2005

please excuse my poor english. i meant so say more drunk, not drunker.

okay something funny. as i wrote that sentence it originally read:

please excuse my poor english. i meant so say more drunker, not drunker.



i need to go to sleep. im lame as shit.



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