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yourself or someone like you

7 June
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i'm going friends only. i have been friends only for a while but i figure i ought to write about it anyways.

if you have never been here before --

my name is rebecca.

i live w/ my boyfriend (and have for the last year and a half). we just bought our first house together and i'm loving it. we have 2 dogs - a 9 month old pitbull puppy and a 2 month old pomeranian puppy that our lives pretty much revolve around. i am VERY much in love so i talk about my boyfriend a lot.

during the day i work as a closing coordinator for a real estate development company. a lot of the money i make here goes towards my business plan for the future which kyle and i will get started on within the next year. someday i'll work at home.

my weekends usually consist of vacations, shopping, spending time with friends, etc.

so, if you're interested go ahead and add me.

sign the ONE declaration to end poverty.